11 - Actors are Real People Too

Adrienne and Jacob talk with Annabel Soutar, playwright and Artistic Director of Porte Parole. The conversation ranges from an introduction to Annabel, her work and influences; the responsibilities related to involving real-life individuals as sources, subjects or performers within theatrical productions.

10 - Need a concierge?

Jacob and Adrienne chat with Theatre Centre AD Franco Boni about city planning, navigating civic bureaucracy, engagement with community, how theatre touring practices could be affected by efforts to conserve oil, the value of going away and coming back, what the buildings are for, leadership, and how theatre artists can participate in wider community discussions.

Adrienne, Jacob and (briefly) Nathan Medd, talk about building habits, condos and the theatres near by them and what to do other than limitless complaint.

Adrienne and Jacob debate an idea for a show.

Also, a tip: Sometimes conversations are awkward.

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07 - Words of Wisdom

Jacob and Adrienne talk about advice. 

How to teach toddlers about healthy sexuality. What would we tell young artists at the beginning of their careers. The differences between radio and podcasting. The difference between 'form' and 'format' and 'structure'. What is the social function of sadness?

We apologize for the quality of Jacob's mic. He forgot his good mic at home. It won't happen again.

Episode 6 of the SWSpodcast, where in your co-hosts Adrienne and Jacob talk about how Jacob's show went at the Rhubarb Festival and then are joined by Nathan Medd to discuss the intricacies of messaging for large organizations, the relationship between research and development and product, and how to effect change - or if its even worth trying.

04 - We do things

Wherein Jacob and Adrienne talk about how much a person can do, what "the audience" wants and the pros and cons of independent theatre festivals for developing new work.  


01 - A Podcast In Search of a Title

The first episode.

In which Jacob and Adrienne discuss ways of externalizing ideas during the creation process, the ethics of permission in contemporary performance practices, how to build a culture of supportive critical dialogue within the arts community.

Jacob talks shows he’s working on. Adrienne talks about shows she’s working on. And other stuff.

00 - The one before the podcast

The one we're not releasing.

In which Jacob and Adrienne talk about what they're up to, the relative qualities of box wine. Also about doing a podcast together and what that might look like. They come to some decisions - primarily that they are going to do a podcast together.