The Urgy Podcast (2014-2016)
A podcast about working, the arts and life. Mostly.

-urgy: a combining form meaning “making, production” of the thing specified by the initial element (dramaturgy; metalurgy)

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Jacob Zimmer and Vicki Stroich talk about theatre, the arts, leadership, collaboration and about being human beings who are alive right now. We live in Canada and don't try to hide that.

Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015-16)

In each episode you get a few songs, a story, a little bit of funny and a little bit of earnest.

A 9 episode run.

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The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show brings you music of the uncommon, beautiful sort; a mix of new, old, and future stories with the Fun Palace Players; questions in the dark; and special visits from special guests. 

A real treat. Smart, funny, self-aware but not self-satisfied, it was great live theater that also makes for excellent radio. -