Unconferences on the Future(s) of Toronto Performance

2013 Invitation
The world in which we do the work is changing. Let’s share how we’re dealing with that.
We all work in live performance – we know the importance of unexpected connections, surprising moments and shared inspiration. The Unconference creates these conditions. A space to get together – as people with lives and skills and passions. An event to get past our job titles and get real work done.
The Unconference will be an amazing mix of people – people you know and people you’ll meet. The format is clear but the topics will be generated by you and your fellow participants, meaning you’ll spend most of the day in conversation about topics you care about.
We’ve also created a way to share ideas and topics before the event, helping to find connections early and often

Common questions about an Unconference 

What’s an Unconference?
Many things to many people. But to us it’s an event where the content of sessions is participant driven and in which you spend most of the time in conversation with others who care about similar things. There are no panels or lectures. You’ll get to propose sessions and only attend sessions that are helpful to you. You’ll be in conversations not as a representative of your organization or as an “emerging artist” – but as an individual who wants to help and to get better.

What kind of people come?
Theatre people, dance people, music people, performance art people, people who don’t identify by genre. Actors, directors, dancers, designers, playwrights, technicians, administrators, marketing people, Artistic Directors, fundraisers, video artists, dramaturges, General Managers, students, teachers, people who don’t identify by occupation. “Emerging,” “Mid-Career,” “Established” “Award-Winning,” “New Arrivals,” “Culturally Specific,” “Ethnically Diverse,” “White,” “Not white,” people who don’t identify by those kinds of phrases. Older people and younger people and yes, people who didn’t identify by age. All those kind of people and you (we hope.)

What does the day look like?
Registration and coffee opens at 9:00, we’ll start at 9:30 (being early is appreciated) lunch will be around 12:00 and we’ll be done by 4:55 with 5 minutes for a fun survey. There will be some social time after and then a move to a bar around 5:30.

We start by getting small groups to meet each other and answer some questions. Then different small groups work together on some questions that could be solved by someone in the room in 15 minutes or less (e.g. What software should I use? What should I make for lunch? Who should I talk to about X?) Then we try to answer those questions.

After lunch we do the Open Space – addressing bigger questions brought forward by you, the participants.

You spend the day in conversation about things you care about with others who care about the same things. This is how change happens.

Can I come for just part of the day?
This is an all day thing with a beginning, middle and end. If you need to miss part of the day, get in touch with us.

Will there be coffee, lunch and snacks provided?



2013 NOTES:

HELPING EXERCISE: CLICK HERE for the list of questions. Comments welcome.

OPEN SPACE: CLICK HERE for the notes from the afternoon sessions. Comments welcome.

2010 Notes

HELPING EXCERCISE and OPEN SPACE: CLICK HERE for the notes from the afternoon sessions. Comments welcome.

2013 Unconference on Change and the Future(S) Of Toronto Performance was co-hosted by Small Wooden ShoeThe Art Gallery of Ontario and Necessary Angel Theatre Company

And made accessible by partners: FADO Performance Art CentreThe Toronto Arts Council and The Ontario Arts Council with support from: 
Canadian StageDancemakersSeries 8:08STAF, and Tarragon Theatre