Who we are

Founding Director: Jacob Zimmer  

“The ideal might be a standing community of collaborators who work on projects together for months or years and also, if needed, create a play in twenty minutes to be performed that night. The rigour of the long projects would inform the knee jerks, and the energy of knee jerks would inform the deep questions.”
– Jacob Zimmer,  All Statements are Incomplete Statements, Canadian Theatre Review 2004.

People and Shows, Alphabetically:

Aimée Dawn Robinson, Dedicated to the Revolutions. Aimée Dawn Robinson is an improvising dancer, musician, landscape gardener, writer and visual artist/video maker. She currently lives in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Find out more.

Alison Wong, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2014–16), Are We Not Horses, Producer. Alison Wong is a theatre producer and opera director based in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter


Ame Henderson, Dedicated to the Revolutions, Perhaps in a Hundred Years. Ame Henderson grew up on Vancouver Island and now lives in Toronto where she is an Associate Artist with Public Recordings, a collaborative operation that conjoins artistic research, performance creation, learning, and publication. Find out more 

Amy Lam-swscon.jpeg

Amy C. Lam, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015) Amy Lam is an artist and producer living and working in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter


Antigone Dead People

Written by Evan Webber
In Tokyo 2014: Directed by Jacob Zimmer with Frank Cox-O'Connell | Co-director: Jun Tsutsui | Performers: Banri Kitano , Hiroki Yuki Murayama, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Yo Yoshida, Natsumi Kamada, Hiroyuki Kosaka, Evan Webber, Keiko Yamaguchi | Sound: Christopher Willes | Design: Trevor Schwellnus  | Management: Ame Henderson, Sachiko Uchiyama | Stage manager: So Ozaki | Translation: Manami Hara, Tomoyuki Arai | Surtitles: Tomoyuki Arai 

Antigone Performance

Voices / Toronto 2012: Directed by Jacob Zimmer with Leora Morris Performed by Maev Beaty, Philip Shepherd, Sean Dixon, Frank Cox-O’Connell, Liz Peterson, Antonio Cayonne, Sky Gilbert, Lindsey Clark Design by Christopher Willis, Trevor Schwellnus and Vanessa Fischer. Music direction by Scott Maynard.

Antonio Cayonne, Antigone Dead People Antonio Cayonne is an actor living in Toronto. Find out more.

Becky Johnson, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–15) Becky Johnson is a Toronto-based performer whose work spans scripted theatre, improvised comedy, film, television, and more. Find out more / Twitter

Board of Directors: Naomi Campbell, Molly Sauter, Carl Wilson

Brendan Gall, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–15) , I Keep Dropping Sht, Dedicated to the Revolutions* (workshop), Life of Galileo, OAC Playwright in Residence 2013. Brendan Gall is a playwright, actor and screenwriter. He currently lives in LA. Twitter


Brendan Healy …Any Idea…, Connect the Dots, I Keep Dropping Sh-t, Life of Galileo. Brendan Healy is a director and theatre maker. He is currently Artistic Director of Brampton City Theatres. Find out more / Twitter


Camila Diaz-Varela, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015–16) Camila Diaz-Varela is a theatre maker, musician, and arts administrator from Halifax, Nova Scotia + Toronto, Ontario + el DF, México. She is passionate about combining music, live performance, and cultural consciousness in innovative ways. Twitter


Chad Dembski, Dedicated to the Revolutions, Perhaps in a Hundred Years. Chad Dembski is a performance maker living in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter


Chris Earle, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–15). Chris Earle is Toronto playwright, actor, director, teacher. Find out more / Twitter


Christopher Stanton, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–16) , The Summer Spectacular. Christopher Stanton is a Hamilton-based performer, director, sound designer, writer, and musician. Find out more / Twitter 

Christopher Willes, Antigone Dead People, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013) Christopher Willes works along the intersections of music, performance, and sound-art practice. Find out more / Twitter

Dedicated to Revolutions

Created by Frank Cox-Connell, Chad Dembski, Ame Henderson, Erika Hennebury, Erin Shields, Trevor Schwellnus, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Evan Webber, Jacob Zimmer. Developed 2006-2009 with the additional collaboration of: Daniel Arcé, Brendan Gall, Gillian Lewis, Misha Glouberman, Harbourfront Centre, Dustin Harvey, Brendan Healy, Sasha KovacsGillian Lewis, Tim Maly, Laura Nanni, Kilby Smith-McGregor, Evalyn ParryTheatre Passe Muraille and Jacob Wren.

Difficult Plays and Simple Songs 

Curated by Leora Morris

READERS: Largo Desolato by Vaclav Havel: Bruce Beaton, David Christo, Eric Goulem, Christine Brubacker, Hannah Cheesman, Eleanor Hewlings, James Cade , Rylan Wilkie, Marc Tellez, Evan Webber Prince of Homburg by Kleist: Stewart Arnott, Christine Brubaker , Frank Cox-O'Connell, Miranda Caldero, Sean Dixon, John Gilbert, Erin Brubacher, Erin Shields, Amiel Gladstone, Mike MacFadzean; A Dream Play by August Strindberg, translated by Caryl Churchill Ginette Mohr, Nicola Correia-Damude, Bea Pizano, Carlos Gonzalez-Vio, Alex Fallis, Michael McManus, Alexandra Napier, Andrea Davis, Sebastian Marziali, Martin Julien; Divine Words by Ramón María del Valle-Inclán, translated by Maria Delgado: Gideon Arthurs, Sochi Fried, Cara Gee, Kaleb Alexander, Marcia Johnson, Brendan Gall, Christine Brubaker, Leora Morris, Hume Baugh, Susanna Fournier , Adrian Proszowksi; Caucasian Chalk Circle: Rick Campbell, Evan Webber, Christopher Stanton, Laura Barrett, Emma Hillier Mackenzie, Julia Tepperman, Kelli Fox

Dustin Harvey, Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing. Dustin Scott Harvey is Halifax-based collaborator, writer, performer, and director. Find out more / Twitter


Erika Hennebury, Dedicated to the Revolutions
Erika Hennebury is a producer, advocate and planner. She is current a grants officer at the Toronto Arts Council.



Erin Shields, Dedicated to the Revolutions. Erin Shields is a Governor General Award winning playwright and actor currently living in Montreal. Find out more

Evan WebberThe Fun Palace Radio Variety Show, Antigone Dead People, Dedicated to the Revolutions, OAC Playwright in Residence 2012. Evan Webber is a writer and theatre maker who lives in Toronto. Find out more 

Frank Cox-O’ConnellAntigone Dead People, Dedicated to the Revolutions. Frank Cox-O’Connell is a theatre creator and musician living in Toronto. Find out more 

Fun Palace 3penny
Holiday Variety Show

Fun Palace Players: Melissa D'AgostinoSedina FiatiChris StantonMatthew ReidCamila Diaz-Varela and Richard Feren. Produced with Alison Wong.

The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show

Fun Palace Players: Melissa D'Agostino, Sedina FiatiChris Stanton, Liz PetersonNorah Sadava, Matthew ReidPhilip Nozuka, Tess DegensteinKayla Lorette, Rick Campbell, Brendan Gall, Camila Diaz-Varela, Susanna Fournier, Becky JohnsonChris EarleJacob Zimmer,Wesley J. ColfordNicola Correia-DamudeHannah CheesmanScott Maynard, Jonathan Adjemian and Richard Feren. Produced with Alison Wong, Tijana Spasich, Rashida Shaw, Amy C. Lam.

GUESTS INCLUDE: Evan Webber, Alex St Kitts, Maija Martin, Anand Rajaram, Adam Paolozza, Laura Hanson, Ryan Kamstra, Derrick Chua, Jeremy Bailey, Molly Sautor, Paul Banwatt, Stephen Jackman Torkoff, Laura Barrett, Lara Tessaro, Syrus Marcus Ware, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Daniela Gesundheit, Paul Banwatt, Alex Leitch, Ryan Kamstra, Dan Goldman, Fiver, Marty Topps, Sasha Chapin, Sufferettes, Isla Craig, Dr. David Hulchanski, Michael Louis Johnson, ANAMAI, Susanna Fournier, Thom Gill, Andrew Penner, Jessica Moss, Felicity Williams & Justin Haynes, Brendan Gall, Tasseomancy, Henry Adam Svec, Stewart Legere, Colin Fisher, Emily Keeler, Malcom Sutten, Vivek Shreya, Katie Ewald, Chad Dembski, Stewart Legere, Rob Baker, Maggie MacDonald, Alistair Forbes, Mel Hague, Pete O'Neill.

Georgina Beaty, Summer Spectacular. Georgina Beaty is an actor and writer, sometimes in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter


Hillary Rexe, Check Your Friends, Are We Not Horses. Hillary Rexe is a teacher, writer and editor living in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter

Jacob Wren, …Any idea…, Dedicated to the Revolutions (workshop) Jacob Wren is a writer and maker of eccentric performances based in Montreal. Find out more / Twitter

Jonathan Adjemian, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–15) Jonathan Adjemian is a Toronto-based artist, primarily a musician, though also a translator and scholar. Find out more 



Kayla Lorette, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015). Kayla Lorette is improvisor and actor in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter


Kilby Smith-McGregor, ...Any Idea...Perhaps in a Hundred Years. Kilby Smith-McGregor is a writer and graphic designer in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter

Hannah Cheesman, Antigone Dead People (workshop), The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–14) Hannah Cheesman is an actor, writer, and filmmaker. Find out more / Twitter


Leora Morris, Antigone Dead People, Difficult Plays and Simple Songs, Life of Galileo. Leora Morris is a director, dramaturg, and choreographer. She currently lives in Atlanta. Find out more 

Antigone Performance

Lindsey Clark, Antigone Dead People
Lindsey Clark is an actor and event organizer living in Toronto. 


Antigone Performance

Liz Peterson, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015), Antigone Dead People. Liz Peterson is a performer and writer based in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter

Maev Beaty, Antigone Dead People. Maev Beaty is an actor, writer and voice artist. She is currently a company member at the Stratford Theatre Festival. Find out more / Twitter

Matthew Reid in rehearsal. Photo: Jacob Zimmer

Matthew Reid in rehearsal. Photo: Jacob Zimmer

Matthew Reid, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015–16) Matthew Reid is the critically acclaimed composer/sound designer/musical director/lyricist/soundtrack improviser/one-man-band. He spent ten years as Music Director at Toronto’s legendary Second City comedy theatre. Find out more / Twitter

Melissa D'Agostino swscon.jpg

Melissa D’Agostino, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015–16) Melissa D’Agostino is a performer, screenwriter and producer working in theatre, video and film. Find out more / Twitter

Misha Glouberman, Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing, Unconference. Misha Glouberman is very interested in how groups of people do things together.
Find out more / Twitter

Nicola Correia-Damude, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2014–15) Nicola Correia-Damude is a Toronto based actor and creator. Find out more / Twitter

Norah Sadava, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show. Norah Sadava is a Toronto based performer and creator. Find out more


Perhaps in a Hundred Years

Conceived by Jacob Zimmer and created and performed by Chad Dembski, Ame Henderson and Jacob Zimmer in collaboration with Kilby Smith-McGregor.

Philip Nozuka.jpeg

Philip Nozuka, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show. Philip Nozuka is an actor and film maker who is barely on the internet.


Philip Shepherd, Antigone Dead People. Philip Shepherd is an actor, teacher and writer. Find out more 


Rashida Shaw, The Summer Spectacular, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015–16.) Rashida Shaw is an actor and theatre maker in Toronto. Find out more / Twitter

Richard Alan CampbellLife of Galileo, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show. Rick Campbell is an actor living in Toronto. Find out more


Richard Feren, Life of Galileo, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–16) Richard Feren has been creating soundscores and music for Canadian theatre, dance, and film since 1992. Find out more / Twitter

Scott Maynard, Are We Not Horses, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013), 3penny Christmas Concert, Antigone Dead People. Scott Maynard is a composer, producer, teacher, improviser, song-writer and multi-instrumentalist, currently based in Whitehorse. Find out more 

Antigone Performance

Sean Dixon, Antigone Dead People. Sean Dixon is an actor, playwright, novelist and banjo player. Find out more / Twitter

Sedina Fiati, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2016.) Sedina Fiati multi disciplinary theatre artist (actor, singer, dancer), born and raised in Toronto to a Trinidadian mother and Ghanaian father. Find out more / Twitter

Sky Gilbert, Antigone Dead People. Sky Gilbert is a writer, director, teacher, and drag queen extraordinaire. Find out more / Twitter

Sochi Fried.jpeg

Sochi Fried, Summer Spectacular. Sochi Fried is a Toronto based actor.  Find out more


The Summer Spectacular 2014

Created and performed by Jacob Zimmer, Christopher Stanton, Sochi Fried and Georgina Beaty and Rashida Shaw. Puppets were designed and built by Michaud Garneau.

Susanna Fournier, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–15.) Susanna Fournier is a Toronto based playwright, actor, and producer. Find out more / Twitter

Tess Degenstein, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2015.) Tess Degenstein is an actor and improvisor sometimes in Toronto.Find out more / Twitter

Tim Maly, Upper Toronto, Reasonable People, Reasonably Disagreeing
Tim Maly is a writer, presenter and project manager and former debating coach. He currently lives in the Boston area. Find out more / Twitter


Trevor Schwellnus, Are We Not Horses, Antigone Dead People, Dedicated to the Revolutions. Trevor Schwellnus is a Toronto-based scenographer and producer. Find out more / Twitter

Upper Toronto

Jacob Zimmer and Tim Maly with Peg Lahn, Sasha Plotnikova

Vicki StroichAre We Not Horses, Urgy Podcast. Vicki Stroich is a dramaturge and the Executive Director of  Alberta Theatre Projects. Find out moreTwitter 

Wesley J. Colford, The Fun Palace Radio Variety Show (2013–14) Wesley J. Colford is an actor, director and playwright living and working in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Find out more / Twitter