or Kindness Makes Me Cry Like Nothing Else

“This story I tell you is true, my friend;
This story of a miner, a man they couldn't bend. 
In the annals of labour, there's none stands as tall, 
As the great J.B. McLachlan, who fought for one and all.”

A performance about solidarity and trying new things. A performance about right now.

And about 1920's Cape Breton labour activist J.B. McLachlan and his trial and conviction on charges of sedition. 

Jacob sits in a kitchen at a table, inviting people to sit down, share a drink or a tea and to hear a bit about the times Canada came close to a revolution.

He tells the story of Cape Breton coal miners rising up – moments away from seizing the means of productions – through the story of McLachlan. 

Making connections to the current situations and personal stories, it’s an ever changing performance about the importance and difficultly of solidarity and collective action. 

Jacob also sings and play guitar - neither of which he feels comfortable doing in public.