• Admit what’s going on. Try to help.

  • Good ideas are entertaining.

  • Remember to take breaks.

  • Believe theatre is a useful process to think-through, feel-out, change-up, important social, historical, political and other everyday issues.

  • Passion for a good night out and a commitment to accessibility, humour and vulnerability.


All Statements are Insecure Questions (PDF) Canadian Theatre Review Summer 2004.  The founding document of Small Wooden Shoe.

Admitting Where I Am At. (PDF) Canadian Theatre Review. Spring 2005. Context, site specificity and processes in Manual for Incidence by Public Recordings and Ame Henderson. A glaring absence is discussion of the video work of Daniel Arcé and the adaptations and thinking that went in to it.

Friendship Is No Day Job—and Other Thoughts of a Resident Dance Dramaturg. (PDF) Canadian Theatre Review 2013. Written after four years as "resident dramaturg" at a contemporary dance company in Canada, Dancemakers and Centre for Creation.

11 conversation starters for
Small Wooden Shoe

  1. There is no such thing as a clean start. Start from the mess and move towards something. Something that might be called truth.

  2. Nothing is ruled out. Nothing ruled in. Not everything goes.

  3. Waking up is evidence of hope. Artwork even more so.

  4. It’s worth thinking about.

  5. There is good and bad fun. Good fun is essential.

  6. When doing something strange, it is best to be relaxed.

  7. Lying is another word for imagination. The pursuit of the truth does not exclude lying, it requires it.

  8. Not being able to do something is no excuse not to. How else will we learn?

  9. The separation of emotion, body and intellect is destroying the world.

  10. Have something to say. It’s possible to change your mind later.

  11. What ever we do here tonight, we do it on purpose.

Written by Jacob Zimmer. 04/07/06 (with thanks to Ame Henderson, Chad Dembski, Jacob Wren.) Published in C Magazine Issue 90, Summer 2006.


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