Small Wooden Shoe is named after the tools French workers would use to "clog" the machinery when on strike. Their “sabot” – small wooden shoes – gave English the word “sabotage.”

Like them, we want to disrupt the machinery of "business as usual" in hopes for a better world. more about what we do

00 - The one before the podcast

00 - The one before the podcast


The one we're not releasing

In which Jacob and Adrienne talk about what they're up to, the relative qualities of box wine. Also about doing a podcast about theatre, the arts and how we're doing. Could we do that together? What might that look like?

They come to some decisions - primarily that they are going to do a podcast together.

They also talk about Adrienne's sons' future as a physical comedy star or basketball player. There was a nice visit from Nathan, but we would have cut most of that out if we were releasing it.

Which we're not. Because mostly we talked about the show and in not a good way.

But we've got some show notes anyways. Including my list podcasts.

Episode 01 is coming very soon.


Jacob's podcast issue.

January 17, 2014 Instacast export:

Story that cares how it sounds:

  • This American Life | RSS (Definition of the genre.)

  • Radiolab from WNYC | RSS (Beautifully scored duet with guests on science and tech and the world.)

  • 99% Invisible | RSS (Roman Mars is making great radio about design and other 99% of things that are often missed. He is also making a business model for his public media.)

  • NPR: Snap Judgment Podcast | RSS (Storytelling with a beat.)

  • Everything Sounds | RSS

  • Welcome to Night Vale | RSS (The fictional community radio broadcast from a town where all conspiracy theories are true. All the rage. From ex-Neofuturists)

  • Pioneer Radio | RSS (From the Kelly Jones and friends at University of Guelph campus and community radio station CFRU 93.3FM. Pioneer Radio "is a monthly, one hour mosaic of stories, interviews, research, music, and more.")

  • Sound Sausage | RSS (Conversations about how radio gets made.)

Arts&Culture Talk

  • Roderick on the Line | RSS (Merlin Mann and John Roderick talk on the phone regularly. The one I mentioned as the podcast I most like listening too. Shift in life is pretty amazing to listen to in this way. Might be worth going back and pretending like its 2011 and listening forward.)

  • OK Radio | RSS (Pavlov and Kelly from Nature Theatre of Oklahoma talk to artists in their closet or on tour.)

  • Bullseye with Jesse Thorn | RSS (Great interviews with people who make culture. Specially great for having smart and funny conversations comedians and hip hop artists.)

  • CANADALAND | RSS (Jesse Brown is making a podcast about the Canadian media scene and trying to get answers. It's pretty great.)

  • The Arcade by Hazlitt | RSS (I like this a lot. From Toronto, Hazlitt and Anshuman Iddamsetty.)

Even more:

Politics / Reporting


Geek – Mac, tech, design and digital culture

This category is the hour by hour winner. But it's a different (but not) part of my interests. Mostly smart, knowledgable friends talking to each other of variously geeky things like technology and the future and "productively."

Missing ones that I do listen to sometime:

01 - A Podcast In Search of a Title

01 - A Podcast In Search of a Title