01 - A Podcast In Search of a Title


Podcast Episode 01 – February 3, 2014

A Podcast In Search of a Title (it has one now)

In which Jacob and Adrienne discuss ways of externalizing ideas during the creation process, the ethics of permission in contemporary performance practices, how to build a culture of supportive critical dialogue within the arts community.

Jacob talks shows he’s working on. Adrienne talks about shows she’s working on. They also talk about:

  • importance of defining a shared vocabulary when collaborating – but without getting stalled;
  • the difference between a prototype and a workshop;
  • how the idea of user testing applies to theatre;
  • medical marijuana;
  • the fix vs the cut; and
  • teaching toddlers to tell time, among other things. Listen to it in the background, while you commute, do your dishes or clean your bathroom.

Jacob's wall in Banff