Small Wooden Shoe is named after the tools French workers would use to "clog" the machinery when on strike. Their “sabot” – small wooden shoes – gave English the word “sabotage.”

Like them, we want to disrupt the machinery of "business as usual" in hopes for a better world. more about what we do

Some reasons...

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25 words (or so) about why you're coming to the Unconference.

  • I want to meet and talk to people that I don't always get to.

  • I was at an Unconference years ago at Berkeley St. I am interested to see how it has evolved. And possibly how I have evolved as well. It's an excellent opportunity to connect with other members of our - community? group? gang? Anyway - connecting.

  • We need to talk about the future of this industry...badly!

  • I don't know what to say... but I'm sure once I'm there something will come to me.

  • To listen, learn, provoke, be challenged, be inspired

  • To get a sense of a community within the performing arts/theatre that i'm not always a part of, or feel a part of. to hear what other artists/art-makers are finding challenging

  • I do Arts Planning for small-mid sized theatre companies around Toronto- excited to make some connections & discuss the future of live performance

  • To have the conversations I can't have elsewhere, or anywhere.

  • Definitely coming

  • Unconference partner

  • Curiosity

  • I'm attending as a representative of [a funder] to listen to and engage in discussion about multidisciplinary performance practice.

  • I'm interested in what people are thinking about in the field - what they're talking about - and just how emerging organizations are finding ways to survive in this sector.

  • To connect, to talk about change, to imagine better ways of working, to meet new people from other artistic disciplines

  • I'm interested in the changing face of theatre; the role and relevance of the arts in social change; and hybrid performance styles.

  • I am in a new role at [a funder] and am coming to learn more about Toronto's performance and theatre communities and their priorities.

  • Curious about the forum; looking forward to meeting and spending time with peers; hoping for new energies

  • Meet collaborators, learn how to make Toronto a city where bold projects are supported.

  • Am excited to learn more about what is going on in the world of live performance - something I've been involved with for a long time now.

  • To meet like minded people who want to see new kinds of work succeed in this city.

  • I heard about it from some of my peers who I really respect, and think an innovative conversation on this subject is past due.

  • Interested to see what it is about

  • I am a historian of contemporary performance art and a long-standing Toronto art community person. And other things too.

  • Unconference was recommended to me by someone who works at the AGO.

  • Because I am interested in the future of performance in Toronto, and because it a great event

  • Concerned with the development of the live performance industry

  • A chance to exchange ideas and outlooks on the current environment of creating and producing art.

  • I want to reconnect with the brilliant minds that i have not seen since moving to Hamilton to share some possible collaboration ideas

  • To network with likeminded individuals in Toronto arts.

  • To explore and be explored.

  • I am a young theatre artist keenly interested in artistic ecology but lacking real knowledge of the way the Toronto theatre scene operates.

  • I am interested in meeting like-minded artists who are passionate about their work and asking questions.

  • To engage with other cultural producers who see their positions as performative

  • I am interested in being part of the dialogue on the future of performance in Toronto. Looking to contribute from my intercultural and global interests and perspective. Excited to share and exchange ideas.

  • It's important to have discourse with colleagues about what we're observing and desiring in a process that is hyperlocal supernow.

  • I need a push to actively seek out other artists

  • Talking theatre in Toronto. What could be better?

  • To meet up with others who are interested in talking about live performance in Toronto

  • I love the idea of meeting other artists, chatting, engaging in discussions, networking, sharing resources, finding inspiration, posing questions. I love conferences, and I love the idea of an Unconference

  • Because Jacob asked me to

  • To feel less isolated in this community and see if anyone is interesting or interested

  • To explore how we can use performances of the future to guide our way forward.

  • I'm interested in performance art. I'm primarily a social practice-based artist.

  • To listen, think, talk, share, open my eyes and ears and learn.

  • Gathering, talking, hive mind, eating

  • There's the sense that nothing is off limits-- and I think we need to go to that place to find where the real work lives.

  • Just to chat.

  • To be amongst my people

  • Very excited to meet and speak with others who share the same interests.

  • We are a company that believes you should be the change you wish to see in the world. We wish to promote the importance of art and theatre and as such we would like to see how others will be doing this and how we can work together and help each other.

  • To connect with colleagues in the performing arts.

  • Concerned, but cautiously optimistic about the future of performing arts in Toronto. Discussion and collaboration are required to survive.

Unconference on Change and the Future(S) Of Toronto Performance

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