Call for volunteers

We’re wondering if you’d like to help.

The Unconference will be an amazing mix of people – people you know and people you’ll meet. The format is clear but the topics will be generated by you and your fellow participants, meaning you’ll spend most of the day talking about topics you care about and meeting 

With so many people, and so many conversations to be had at the Unconference, we need help as it happens.  

Unconference 2011.

Unconference 2011.

As a volunteer, you will have free admission and can still participate, but you will also come early and help with registration, note-taking, and building a schedule. Also, you get free lunch and get to meet and work with a bunch of great people.

Unconference: on change and the future(s) of Toronto performance happens:

on Thursday, September 19th
at the Art Gallery of Ontario
from 9:00-5:00

If volunteering for this year’s Unconference sounds like something you might like to do, email me at, with Unconference Volunteer in the subject heading.

Let’s talk soon.