Unconference Topics

Just because we decide on the day, doesn't mean we can't plan ahead.

It's great when people have some time to think about the topic and discuss them here.

The Unconference is chance to ask questions, conspire with like minded folk, share knowledge or do anything else.

Basically, someone proposes a session and anyone interested in that session can attend. It's an amazing way to find allies and better questions. Some groups are big, some are small – both can be great. How rare is it to find the three people you don't know who also care deeply about the same thing? How much could change if you found all the others who wanted to help?

This is a space where we can share ideas ahead of time. Posting topics means you're more likely to attract people to the Unconference with that topic in mind. And it's low risk – just because you post or comment doesn't mean you can change your mind day-of  – in fact, part of posting it could be to ask for help formulating the better question.

Please, share your topics/obsessions/burning questions in the comments