Because you believe that good ideas can be entertaining.

Because you believe more variety is better.

Because you believe critique and pleasure require each other.

Us too.

And we need your help to prove it.

Small Wooden Shoe is a charity, recognized by the Canadian Revenue Agency. Which means we have our very own business number (80405 9004 RR0001) and ability to issue tax receipts as part of our recognition for donations.

Other ways to contribute

Time, expertise, advocacy

Spread the word
Talk to your friends. In person even.
For all the technology and money in the world -
word of mouth is still the most important and effective way
of getting people excited.

That being said – sign up on facebook and on our mailing list - 
pass it on to friends who you think would be interested.

Train with us:
We teach workshops. CLICK HERE for more.
We can customize them to your needs.

Hire us
We don’t just make shows.
We can facilitate conversations, conferences, brainstorming sessions.
We can consult on making events better – more fun, more helpful.
We can lead workshops and teach university courses.
Or maybe there’s something else?

Talk to us
Let us know how to help.
One of the oddities in the arts is not talking with the people we perform and work for.
Let us know what we should be doing more of
or places we should be doing what we’re doing.
We won’t be able (or maybe willing) to do it all -
but we’re curious about how you’d like us to help.

Drop us a line