The Urgy Podcast (2014-2016)
A podcast about working, the arts and life. Mostly.

-urgy: a combining form meaning “making, production” of the thing specified by the initial element (dramaturgy; metalurgy)

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Jacob Zimmer and Vicki Stroich talk about theatre, the arts, leadership, collaboration and about being human beings who are alive right now. We live in Canada and don't try to hide that.

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Process and Presences - Urgy 17

Change is in the air.

Surprise! - Urgy 16

Surprise, delight and relevance in stories and life.

Engaging and Sustain - New Funding Model part 2 - Urgy 15

Talking, dramaturgically, through the New Funding Model announced by the Canada Council. In part two we talk and "Engage and Sustain" and "succession." 

Exploring and Creating - New Funding part 1 - Urgy 14

Talking, dramaturgically, through the New Funding Model announced by the Canada Council. In part one we talk design and "Explore and Create".

Secret No Secret - Urgy 13

Jacob Zimmer @jacobzimmer


Jacob Zimmer is a director, writer, dramaturge and performer who has shown work across the country. Born in Cape Breton and growing up in Halifax, he now lives in Toronto. 

Along with being the founding director of Small Wooden Shoe, Jacob works in dance as a dramaturge with Dancemakers and in an on-going collaboration with choreographer Ame Henderson/Public Recordings. He was the inaugural Toronto Fringe Research Chair looking into a “Populism we can stand behind." With Misha Glouberman, he designs and organizes the UnConference on the Future(s) of Toronto Performance.  He also facilitates meetings and coaches people who give presentations. Jacob studied theatre at Simon Fraser University’s School for the Contemporary Arts  He was an intern with The Wooster Group and studied Viewpoints, Suzuki and Composition with Anne Bogart and the SITI Company in New York. Jacob received the 2008 Ken McDougall Award for emerging directors.

Vicki Stroich @vickistroich

Vicki Stroich is Executive Director at Alberta Theatre Projects. Before becoming Executive Director, she was a member of ATP’s Artistic Team for 12 years.  Vicki recently shifted her focus to include leading ATP’s organizational vision along with her dramaturgical work with playwrights. She freelances as a dramaturg, facilitator and director and has a BFA Drama from the University of Calgary.  Vicki is President of Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and was Conference Chair of the international 2010 LMDA Conference in Banff.  She recently contributed to the Routledge Companion to Dramaturgy (2014.)  Vicki is the proud recipient of a Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding Achievement for her contribution to new Canadian theatre and was named by Avenue Magazine as a Top 40 Under 40 in 2013.