Past year end letters

These letters feel still true and also so aspirational as to be fantasy. In a moment in which I find it hard to find the enthusiasm and promotional confidence that our moment seems to require – it is hard to imagine writing this sort of thing. There is a “we” that in a time of isolation is tenuous. And yet. Remember our asperiations…

A letter from the 3penny

We’ve been working and laughing – oh god is there a lot of laughing – on 3penny, which, like the art I love most, changes meaning all the time. This is a different event now than it was in April. Even when we don’t change the words, the meaning has changed. And it’s a blessing to be in the room with smart, talented superstars who can deal with all that and more, like sing songs that are dark and great and darker for their greatness.

from 2004: All Statements Are Insecure Questions

There are eight words I return to. They are words I heard and haven’t been able to stop hearing. For the past three years, while I have been director of Small Wooden Shoe Theatre Co. in Halifax, they have been touchstones. I see them in the work I did with sabotage group before I heard them; I see them in all my plans and hopes for the future. So, eight words toward a theatre …

TBT: Post-Disciplinary Manifesto - draft 3

Originally posted September 2005


Most manifestos or labels define a positive rule. To call work “Interdisciplinary” implies that all work will contain a mix of disciplines. That this disciplinary mixing will be a considered assumption of every project. Post-disciplinary make no such assumptions. Having worked though “multi” and “inter,” “post” argues that disciplinary assumptions are no longer useful. That art work and artists no longer require of themselves a primary distinction.

Getting more out of our expensive computers

I've had a lot of anxious and/or bewildered conversations with artists and producers about using computers for writing and collaborating, email, communicating with teams and/or file management and more.

There aren't any final answers, because this is a constantly shifting landscape but there is some apps and some mindsets that I think can help.

Two new podcasts

Jacob Zimmer and Vicki Stroich talk dramaturgically about the Canada Council #newfundingmodel and the way it's being announced, designed and received. 

And the Fun Palace Radio Variety Show