Small Wooden Shoe is named after the tools French workers would use to "clog" the machinery when on strike. Their “sabot” – small wooden shoes – gave English the word “sabotage.”

Like them, we want to disrupt the machinery of "business as usual" in hopes for a better world. more about what we do

Artist as Producer pt3

The problem with DIY is the singularity of “yourself.” Theatre has never been an individual pursuit for me - it’s been an excuse, a need and a generator of working with other people to get something done. This means artistic collaborators, advocates and advisors, producers, teachers, and (very important) audience. All of these people invoke a broader version of DIY. “Myself” as an Artist Producer is many people, working together. One of the most improtant things about working together is socializing together. Getting together as humans to enjoy each other and smile and talk. Getting together not just with old friends, but finding ways to make new ones too.

Slow down with those numbers.

3penny Christmas in about 10 minutes - Minor Expletives Episode 02