Small Wooden Shoe is named after the tools French workers would use to "clog" the machinery when on strike. Their “sabot” – small wooden shoes – gave English the word “sabotage.”

Like them, we want to disrupt the machinery of "business as usual" in hopes for a better world. more about what we do

Perhaps in Montreal

****Update:Thanks to amazing support from our family, friends and community, we surpassed our goal and are going to Montreal. Thanks everyone.

Details on the Montreal show: Friday June 1 @6pm Saturday June 2 @4pm Agora de la danse – Laboratoire 12$ regular / 10$ students Full info and tickets here


I'm excited to "let slip" that we've been invited to do Perhaps in a Hundred Years at OFFTA in Montreal. Which is amazing news. It's a great opportunity for us to perform the show we love for friends in Montreal and with the many many presenters and artists in town for the FTA.

But first we need to raise some money to cover our costs. OFFTA provides an incredible context, but we need to find the resources ourselves, so we've started a indiegogo campaign to raise $3,000 in 14 days.

Click below to be a part of getting us on the road.

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Honest questions about our dreams.

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