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Amazing illustration by Brett Lamb

Getting to the Bottom of Upper Toronto - Torontoist.

You know how when you were a kid, sometimes you would get an idea in your head, and you wouldn't let the fact that it didn't make sense or that it didn't play by the rules of logic and physics or even that it was actually a terrible idea stop you from just imagining the shit out of it? The world could be guided by the principle of "What if...?" and the answer could be "...then everything."

Jacob Zimmer, creative director of performance company Small Wooden Shoe, is bringing something of the magical thinking of kid logic back in style. Zimmer's latest project-in-the-making asks the question "What if we took Toronto and built a new city on top of it and called it Upper Toronto and moved everybody up there?" The project is in its infancy stages, but the folks at Small Wooden Shoe think that it will take a village to raise a city to the sky, and they want your help.