So we started a SWS blog

There’s a few reasons for that.The first is because I want to be able to write about what we’re doing, about performance and about other things I’m curious about. And while I already post on the Dancemakers blog, it might be important to keep these things a little separate to allow for more (or less) focus.

We also wanted a way for people to follow our work between events, to be able to subscribe (RSS) and get updates even if they don’t use Facebook.

And I want there to be a discussion - I’ve always have been interested in a feedback loop between myself and others - it’s why I make work the way I do and why I get excited about the potential of this interweb thing. I’m not always great at generating online (any clues would be welcome.)

So some values for the blog - (I’m writing these for myself as much as for anyone else)

It will mostly be about art questions. I’m sure there will be some stuff about producing (because they are related) but the focus will be on the art.

Marketing is not the point of the blog. Sharing ideas and practices is. There will be some marketing though.

Posts will be as long or short as needed. That’s part of the promise of the form. And some ideas need a sentence to start, some need pages.

Ok, that seems like a good start.

Anything I forgot?