The Fun Palace gates open tonight...

==========================Update - Next performance Monday November 4th at the Monarch. Set list to be announced soon. ==========================


Beta 0.01 - The Ame Henderson birthday edition

at the Monarch Tavern 12 Clinton St 8pm doors, 8:30 Show



Hosted by Jacob Zimmer

With the Fun Palace Players: Hannah Cheesman, Wesley Colford, Nicola Correia-Damud, Brendan Gall, Susanna Fournier, Scott Maynard, Christopher Willes.

And Special Guests: Anand Rajaram, Brian Cauley, Nicholas Hune-Brown & Lorna Wright, Rob Baker and Alastair Forbes, Katie Ewald and Chad Dembski

Writing from Susanna Fournier, Brendan Gall, Tim Maly, Members of the Ontario Legislature and other figures in history.

The Set List:

  • Song With Everyone
  • From the DADA Archive with Anand Rajaram
  • The Scarlet Plague Chapter 1 with FPP
  • Reading the Internet Part 1 with the FPP
  • Excerpts from the Provincial Governmentality with FPP
  • Not At All Breaking Sports with Brian Cauley
  • A (mostly) Standard Song from Anand
  • An Intermission for refills and pinball
  • A song from All Our Happy Days are Stupid with Nicholas Hune-Brown & Lorna Wright
  • The Scarlet Plague Chapter 2 with the FPP
  • Not At All Breaking News with Rob Baker and Alastair Forbes
  • The Scavenger’s Daughter - Excerpts from the Front with the FPP
  • Reading the Internet Part 2 with the FPP
  • Long Distance Lip Syncing with Katie Ewald and Chad Dembski

Hope to see you there.