The Spice of Omnivore.

WWAS-photo My calendar is prompting this post.

It’s the kind of variety that is the gift of Toronto and this current moment in history and that gift is important to appreciate.[1]

Watching / Attending

Last Tuesday to next Tuesday:


This week: office work, taxes, research, pitching and prep for 4 different Small Wooden Shoe projects:

Next week:

This isn't to brag, complain or fall into the busy trap. It's to say that I like when I remember to take advantage of the possibilities. I also like my garden and kittens.

Garden1 Kittens-13-05-23

  1. It’s also unsustainable time-wise and financially - only possible because I am exchanging labour (box office, documentation, reflective writing) for tickets in every case and being supported as a teacher and consultant. The balance of finding what works and what can sustain. But these are ok problems, cause there’s some great art and great people there.  ↩
  2. I almost went for a Nova Scotia “b’y” joke but decided to pass.  ↩