Story Structures for Learning Creative Learning

As part of MIT's free online course on Creative Learning that I'm taking, they assigned us to learn something and teach something to the online community. After taking a helpful Project Management 101, I decided to give a Freemind talk on Story Structures in a way that could be useful for people across a broad spectrum of backgrounds.

It's a little scary to post it here – at the intersection of my geek, educational and theatre practice. Those are all related, but not quite the same, or they might be different audiences, and so it feels like a risk to share between. Since, however, I'm interested in iterative development that means doing things in public. And getting feedback and other people's thoughts

I had some screen capture issues so this is a slightly wonky recording. It starts about 8 minutes in as I try to give some context on the importance of thinking about many kinds of story structures. Also, there are typos and misspellings.


Freemind file (required Freemind - free/Java) Image of outlinePNG Google DOC

Mentioned Links: Jacob: Small Wooden Shoe Public Recordings Dancemakers

In talk: Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting by Robert McKee Ira Glass on Storytelling Choreographers Handbook

Minor Expletives - Episode 1 - Emotion, Populism and making performance

Yes it's true, after day dreaming about it for quite a while, I'm launching an irregularly regular podcast. It will be a home for talks, a series of interviews that launch from the Conversation Starters (put guest requests in the comments) and beginning to make performances for the "radio."I'm starting with my talk at Dancemakers, built from a talk at the  University of Waterloo and the work I did around populism for the Toronto Fringe Festival. It also includes movement towards clarity of how I'm working these days with all the wonderful people I work with.

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New Subscription stuff coming soon


Emotion Populism and How Mindmap

Here's an interactive version of the map I used last night in my talk at Dancemakers. Video coming soon.

Scrapping around with ways to get Freemind documents on the web - the best seems to be in a browser window with a Flash player (sorry iOS users.) If anyone has better options, especially regarding formatting and showing links inside the document (there are a ton in the original and it's sad that they don't show up on the flash) - and of course if there's a way that doesn't use Flash.


Populism, Affect, but mostly How?

I've been quiet here, recovering from Antigone Dead People (even successes take time to recover from), dealing with the change in daylight and working on this:Last Thursday I did a talk at the University of Waterloo (big thanks to Jay and Andy for having me out.)

I was happy with how it turned out, and (you're hearing it here first) I will be doing the full thing in Toronto at Dancemakers as part of Study Group Thursday December 13th at 6:30pm in the Michael J. Baker

Since I'm going to do some work on it before then, I won't post the whole thing from Waterloo - but here's a 12 minute of the Freemind talk, focusing on how I'm trying to work on populism and affect in my work with collaborators at Small Wooden Shoe, Public Recordings and the afore mentioned Dancemakers.

Enjoy! Thoughts welcome in the comments.