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After a "podluck" at the Academy of the Impossible on Thursday, I am inspired to share my podcast list - partly because I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts and sometimes people ask and so other people might be interested - and partly because I would like to know if there are any obvious missing ones for those that know me, or can make some assumptions from the below list.Leaves tips in the comments…


  • National Theatre (UK) [RSSwebsite
    • Good interviews with people working at the National.
  • 2amt Podcast [RSSwebsite
    • Occasional posts from USA hashtag turned theatre movement.
  • OAC podcast [RSS] website
    • Some primers on grants
  • The Traverse Theatre [RSS] website
    • Occasional posts from the Traverse.
  • Anne Bogart and SITI Company[RSSwebsite
    • Very occasional posts from SITI.

Culture and ideas

  • This American Life - NPR  [RSS] website
    • Classic.
  • Radiolab - NPR [RSS] website
    • Science show that is very very well edited.
  • Spark - CBC [RSSwebsite
    • Nora Young hosts one of the best CBC shows. About society and technology.
  • Writers and Company - CBC [RSS] website
    • Eleanor Wachtel is one of my favourite interviewers
  • The Thing Is - NPR [RSS] website
    • Alec Baldwin talks to interesting people.
  • Planet Money - NPR [RSS] website
    • This American Life spin off on money. Not revolutionary, but clear.
  • On the Media - NPR [RSS] website
    • USA media gets talked about by USA media.
  • 99% Invisible [RSSwebsite
    • Design and the world.
  • Front Row - BBC [RSS] website
    • Culture reporting from the BBC
  • Arts and Culture from Nightwaves - BBC [RSS] website
    • Interviews with people about things they do.
  • In Our Time - BBC [RSS] website
    • Smart British people talk history
  • Decode DC [RSS] website
    • Good politics. Not very frequently.
  • Ideas - CBC [RSS] website
    • Not as good as it was. Especially now that David Cayley retired.
  • Roderick on the Line [RSS] website
    • Merlin Mann and John Roderick weekly phone call. Might not help, but sometimes does and I like hearing friends talk.
  • Savage Love [RSS] website
    • Dan Savage talks about sex and relationships
  • Studio 360 - NPR [RSS] website
    • Interviews with artists and other people.
  • Tapestry - CBC [RSS] website
    • Religion and spirituality.
  • Thinking Allowed - BBC[RSS] website
    • British people talk about academic things.
  • You Look Nice Today [RSS] website
    • More Merlin Mann and friends. More comedy focused.


  • The World Exists [RSS] website
    • Roundtable storytelling. Funny and friends talking.
  • Old Time Radio Drama [RSS] website
    • What it says.
  • Old Time Radio Comedy [RSS] website
    • What it says.
  • All Songs Considered - NPR [RSS] website
    • Good music. I mostly listen to their year end, and that way, I'm only a year behind.
  • The Truth[RSS] website
    • Podcast radio drama or "movies for your ears"

Deep geekery in tech and work flows (I feel shy about sharing the depth of these. But I find this "how to work field interesting and have been a Mac geek for a while [previous geek posts])

  • Back to Work - 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin talk, nominally sometime and sometimes more focused-like, about issues of working. Mostly for tech world, but I like.
  • MacPower Users - 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Mac geekery. Workflow episodes are my favourite.
  • Systematic - 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • Brett Terpstra - crazy coder for the text people - talks to other people.
  • Crossover - 5by5 [RSSwebsite
    • 5by5 hosts talk.
  • Let's Make Mistakes [RSSwebsite
    • Nominally about design.
  • Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders - Stanford [RSSwebsite
    • Fancy people talk about things. Sometimes good. Always a little troubling and telling
  • The Talk Show [RSSwebsite
    • John Gruber of Daring Fireball talks Apple and other gear/software stuff.
  • Work Talk Show [RSSwebsite
    • A new one. More on "how to work"

Oh and of course

  • Minor Expletives - my regularly irregular podcast [RSS] [iTunes]

Minor Expletives - Episode 1 - Emotion, Populism and making performance

Yes it's true, after day dreaming about it for quite a while, I'm launching an irregularly regular podcast. It will be a home for talks, a series of interviews that launch from the Conversation Starters (put guest requests in the comments) and beginning to make performances for the "radio."I'm starting with my talk at Dancemakers, built from a talk at the  University of Waterloo and the work I did around populism for the Toronto Fringe Festival. It also includes movement towards clarity of how I'm working these days with all the wonderful people I work with.

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New Subscription stuff coming soon