Brendan Healy and Buddies in Bad Times.

brendan8x10-3A huge congratulations to both Brendan Healy and Buddies in Bad Times.

The announcement of Brendans' appointment as Artistic Director of Buddies, is I think a very important thing. It marks a generational shift while maintaining the commitment to rigorous contemporary queer (both definitions) leadership from Buddies.

Of course, I'm horribly biased - I think Brendan is terrific - thoughtful, engaged and curious. He's a friend. I've worked with him before and I hope to work with him again. I've also worked at Buddies before and hope to work there again. So I can't remove any of that from my excitement, nor should I. Buddies and Brendan are two of things that I love about theatre in Toronto, and to have them together is great.

Part of  change though, is the ongoing need for support from the community and the public. This, I imagine, can take many forms - buying a pass, volunteering, donating and advocating for the importance of a strong queer voice in theatre and performance in Toronto and Canada are all important. Beginnings can be hard, and as excited as I am for Brendan and Buddies, I'm sure there is a daunting learning curve and amount of work to get done.

Let's take our excitement of today and make sure we remember and contribute to the work tomorrow.