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Links for May 27th through June 27th:

  • Museum 2.0: Memo from the Revolution: Six Things I've Learned from our Institutional Transformation - This past weekend, I had the opportunity to give one of the closing talks at the Theater Communications Group annual conference in Dallas. TCG is the industry association for non-profit theaters, the way AAM is for museums.
  • Not Enough | Parliament of Things - Today we launched a simple protest / art event / action that we have called Not Enough. It is a simple expression of a feeling that is becoming increasingly common amongst people, particularly young people around the world.
  • Debates - Issue 151 - April 16, 2013 - "a larger story, one where the Harper government is trying to systematically silence individuals and organizations who dare to challenge it publicly.The story began with an attack using — or more accurately, pulling — government funding. Women's organizations were among the first to feel the heavy knife of the Harper government slashing their funding. That was back when this government still was enjoying the healthy surplus it had inherited from previous Liberal governments.Women's organizations were told that if they dared to engage in advocacy — in other words, if they came to Ottawa to speak up for the causes that their members believed in, subversive causes like child care or equal rights under the law — their funding would be cut.

    International development organizations then came under fire. We all remember KAIROS. That organization engaged in such dangerous activities as social and economic justice projects with local partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Its members included radical organizations like the Anglican Church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Presbyterian Church, the United Church of Canada, the Quakers, the Mennonite Central Committee Canada and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. The funding to KAIROS was eliminated."

  • Senator shows why ‘sober second thought’ matters: Goar | Toronto Star - "Since 2006, the government has systematically cancelled funding to groups that question its priorities; women’s organizations that promote gender equality; the Canadian Council on Learning, which advocates education beginning in early childhood; foreign development agencies that side with impoverished Africans and Asians against western development of their resources, and anti-poverty groups at home."
  • The Wire creator David Simon on what's behind the US war on drugs - extended video interview | Media | - The war on the poor.

Brecht and Urlacher - Evidence of our times from May 22nd through May 24th

And I always thought And I always thought: the very simplest words Must be enough. When I say what things are like Everyone's heart must be torn to shreds. That You'll go down if you don't stand up for yourself. Surely you see that.

- Brecht. Last poem in Poems 1913-1956

Links for May 22nd through May 24th:

Evidence of our times from April 29th through May 21st

Links for April 29th through May 21st:

Centres and rootstrikers - Evidence of our times

Links for April 20th through April 24th:


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  • (Mostly) Viewpoints Workshop - Sunday April 28th and May 5th CLICK HERE for more.
  • Context Seminar at Videofag - Starts in June. CLICK HERE for more

Bad math and desire - Evidence of our times

I'm starting a new series "Evidence of our times." Every couple days I'll post links that got my attention and I think need to be remembered.  Signs of the times. Most likely a mix of arts related stuff and political / social stuff. Old fashioned web logging. The unlabelled mix of topics is purely intentional. Links for April 18th through April 19th: