Past year end letters

These letters feel still true and also so aspirational as to be fantasy. In a moment in which I find it hard to find the enthusiasm and promotional confidence that our moment seems to require – it is hard to imagine writing this sort of thing. There is a “we” that in a time of isolation is tenuous. And yet. Remember our asperiations…

2012 Open Letter

Dear friends of Small Wooden Shoe,

You are a constellation of people with whom I’ve worked and I can only imagine continuing to collaborate and support your inspiring work. You are people whose intelligence, curiosity and talents feed my practice as a director and we have, with few resources and great resourcefulness, created art unlike anything else. We have affected the way theatre and performance is thought of in this country. Thank you.

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2010 – On 10 Years and More of Small Wooden Shoe

Continuing these things we do,
We will think about the good parts of populism and work on those.
We will make things that lots of people can,
and might actually want to,
come to.

Tickets will be $20 and under.
Accessibility is a financial issue.

We will embrace ambition,
and the scale of our imaginations.

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