Good Listening November 15, 2016

After the week it’s been, I was grateful for the strength and closeness of Wesley Morris and Jenna Wortham in “Our ‘Oracle’ Helps Us Process a Trump Presidency”, the lastest episode of Still Processing, a podcast from the New York Times.

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They recorded the morning after the election and are raw and hurting and smart. The conversation with Margo Jefferson manages the near impossible dance of being realistic and asperational in a disheartening moment. A very good and important thing to listen to.

On Good Listening

I’ve been collecting podcast episodes to have a weekly recommendation to share. I listen to a lot of podcasts and know it’s hard, for people who don’t listen to that absurd number, to discover which are the good ones and even harder to know which are the good ones of the good ones. So I thought I could help, while spreading the word about remarkable conversations.

And then the election in the US. And I didn’t want to listen to podcasts. I didn’t want to hear the grief of the hosts, who I feel an intimacy with, despite having never met.*  It made me ache to hear people “put on a good show” and also, importantly, to talk about their own ache and to speak of working towards changing the reality that revealed itself in that vote. 

There is much work to do. More listening and more sharing. This isn't enough. 

Let’s get to it.

Today is the arbitrary “National Philanthropy Day
The vast majority of Philanthropy goes to the tiniest sliver of organizations.
Here’s three others we should be supporting here in Canada :
Black Lives Matter Toronto
Idle No More 
- Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights

* Audio always encouraged this intimacy and earbuds only amplify it.