Good things, short notice

Some today, some this week  -

  • Today at 4pm you should be at the Theatre Centre if you can. Nadia Ross and STO Union are in town and showing new ideas as part of the Tracy Wright Global Archive . It’s a treat to visit with the the 3 part work (installation, film and performance) about her travels to India seeking the seeker. The whole archive is a pretty amazing project and hats off to Franco, Ravi and Roxanne and co. for a rare, special and meaningful form of commissioning between an institution and artists. Also, a really lovely way to spend the afternoon. STO is company one should spend time with whenever available.

  • The Animal Project is a film by Toronto filmmaker (and previous STO Union collaborator) Ingrid Veninger . Small Wooden Shoe collaborator Hannah Cheesman is in it. It is very good and this is it’s opening weekend. As much as I love comic book movies and blockbusters – it’s a treat[1] a good indie film in the cinema and so this is your chance to do that:TIFF LightboxToday: 12:15, 2:30, 7:15, 9:30 and then through to Thursday.

  • Luminato is on and amongst celebrity and questions of stability – there’s actually some art happening too.

    • I’m looking forward to seeing Cineastas tonight. I saw a show by Argentine Mariano Pensotti at PuSh a few years back and really enjoyed it. For a theatre culture a little over-focused on Europe and the USA – this something different than that.

    • and we finally get Mammalian Diving Reflex’s All the Sex I’ve Ever Had in Toronto in full glory and that’s good news.

    • There’s a bunch of events and talks happening around the Copycat Academy that I’m curious about too. I’m catching Jennifer Doyle talk about emotion in contemporary art on Tuesday and while I don’t necessarily agree with Mårten Spångberg about much, but he made a big splash in the dance community last time he visited.

  • If talking Canadian dramaturgy is your thing - the LMDA Canada Mini-Conference is back on Monday at Tarragon to fill that need. Here’s the Facebook page. I’ll be there after rehearsals for The Summer Spectacular

Maybe see you in the next couple days.

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  1. And an important thing to do if you want to keep seeing independent films on screens in the future.