Good things May 5, 2017

Working away from the internet has it's advantages (long walks, reading books) and it's disadvantages (not sending emails, data overages) 

I have a bunch of things that I'm about to be able to talk about, but until then, some good things for attending, reading and listening.

To go to:

in Toronto:

Other Jesus - Public Recordings in a church. It’s breaking my heart to miss this. A remarkable group of people working on the real and the magical. May 6-14. Tickets are already getting scarce, so buy them now.

TDT Emerging Voices - New work from Alicia Grant and Emily Law working with the TDT company. May 24-28.

in Victoria

Uno Festival. Seriously, check out that line up. Nice work IntrepidMay 17-27.

To Listen to:

Still Processing - We Relive the Oscars with Barry Jenkins - One of Jenkins first conversations post Oscars. There’s great talk about the night itself, but the sections on the art and approaches in Moonlight are a rare delight of a film maker getting to talk outside the main narrative of PR.
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Tiny Spark: The Rise of Philanthropy’s ‘Shadow Giving System’ What problems emerge when big donor philanthropy leads the way. Focused on US charities, but the connections to the arts and Canada, where the pressure to find individual givers has been increasing and has reshaped the field, are there to be made and considered.
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To Read:

A Proposal and an Alarum This reads as pressing and accurate more than 20 years after playwright Erik Ehn called for a different way of organizing small and outsider theatre makers. So much of my imagination for solidarity is built on this essay and my experiences with the Rat Conference.

Zebras Fix What Unicorns Break In lots of fields, including the arts, there’s a tendency to talk about finding “unicorns” - special, unique and magical beast workers. Of course, unicorns don’t exist and the metaphor may be doing damage, since any system that relies on unicorns existing is in trouble. Mara Zepeda and Jennifer Brandel make a great case for thinking about zebras as the solution to unicorns messing stuff up. 

Two Pictures:

There are many beautiful tributes to Jon Kaplan in the last week. He brought love into the room and will be missed. Jon was at every edition of Dedicated to the Revolutions. Frank made him a Myspace page in one and for another he joined us for a long dinner. He really cared about the cheese and made us get out more knives so that each cheese would have its own. I will treasure that deeply productive support and insight.

And another sunset from Blue Rocks.

Hope you're well,