Good things at the end of a crazy year

It’s been a while. A little too much hermiting, maybe a little too much Facebook. But to the good stuff.

Public Recordings >The Wrecking Ball >Pomona >Spreadsheet of Grant info >Workshops >Black Boys >3penny Fun Palace Holiday Variety Show.

PUBLIC RECORDINGS and associate artists have many, so many, good things happening through November.

  • LONE WOLF @ Dancemakers, Nov 3–5 @ 8pm is Vancouver wunderkind Joshua Beamish dancing new work by Ame Henderson, Noam Gagnon and Joshua Beamish. This is a somewhat surpirising collaboration that I look forward to.

  • I’m sad to be out of town for the next edition of the performance encyclopaedia – a project in writing and performing. But that should stop you from visiting the AGO to check in - open office hours Nov 8–12; performance Nov 13 @ 2pm

  • But I’m back for CAPITALIST DUETS which makes me very happy. Many good folk are creating these duets, including Franco Boni, Margaret Dragu, Katie Ewald, Francesco Gagliardi, Ame Henderson, sandra Henderson, Adam Kinner, Amy Lam, Samira Mohyeddin, Aliya Pabani, Liz Peterson, Luke Reece, Mila Volpe, Evan Webber. And they all happen at the same time. The Theatre Centre Nov 24–26 @8pm; Nov 27 @ 2pm

The WRECKING BALL wants to be great again… though that might be political satire. Revel, reveal, drink in all thissues we’ve been missing while worrying about the insane product of celebrity culture and talk radio. Sunday night at TPM.

POMONA runs November 3–19 at Geary Lane. Chris Stanton does good stuff with plays, the kind of plays that often don’t do it for me. The musicality and specificity they find make the text work and have a liveness often missing in straight plays. Plus Aviva Armour-Ostroff, Liza Balkan, Deborah Drakeford, Carlos González-Vío, Ryan Hollyman, Andre Sills, and Bahareh Yaraghi are all quite good at what they do.

SPREADSHEET of GRANTS. It feels like the past few months have all been about writing proposals. Here’s a Google doc of the OAC Theatre Creator’s Reserve that you can sort by date. So we can track all the proposals yet to come.

WORKSHOPS. I’m teaching November 22–25 (Tues-Friday) at Dancemakers. This could alleviate that tired feeling that performance making is all about the writing of proposals. Join me and some folks from Dancemakers and Small Wooden Shoe for 4 days of practice making idiosyncratic performances. Moving, talking, thinking - all at the same time. Sign up here

There’s a lot to look forward to in BLACK BOYS at Buddies November 19 - December 11 including Stephen Jackman-Torkoff, Tawiah Ben M’Carthy, and Thomas Olajide performing – and also Saga Collitif is putting in the work around the project - big ideas and accesibility all at the same time. Their Facebook page seems like the best way to track all that.

Oh, and in case you’re making plans for “the season” and want to include fun nights that are not at all like the rest of the season entertainments, tickets are on sale for 3PENNY FUN PALACE HOLIDAY VARIETY SHOW. December 20, 21, 28 and/or 29.

Join me, Melissa D’Agostino, Camila Diaz-Varela, Richard Feren, Sedina Fiati, Matthew Reid, Christopher Stanton and special guests each nights for melodrama, some of the greatest songs in theatre, legal non-advice and questions in the dark.

that’s it for now. enjoy your Thursday.

I'll just leave this here.