Good things #2

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It’s been a crazy couple weeks of going out and seeing things: Conte D’Amour (and internet brouhaha); the very good Sufferettes (rumours of a June show for those that missed it or just want to go back because funny); Dancemakers; Trampoline Hall; Minotaur at YPT, and 2 book launches (get to a local bookseller before they are all gone.)

I might slow down for a bit and enjoy sunshine - but here are somethings on my radar:

I do a fair amount of legacy theatre company bashing - even if just by calling them legacy companies. So to praise when there’s a chance to praise:

Tarragon Theatre continues to do their mandate very well and with rigour.

  • Erin Shields’ new play Soliciting Temptation opens tonight. Adhering to the Three Unities, it’s a two-hander about sex tourism that does a good job of the difficult task of staging the ambiguities and complexities of a specific encounter. If you’re not into watching people act like they’re other people, maybe it’s not for you – but you’re missing one of my favourite that-kind-of-play playwrights.
  • In other good Tarragon news - Sean Dixon’s A God in Need of Help starts previews on my birthday (April 16) and opens April 23. I’m pretty excited to see it.
  • Erin and Sean had a conversation about Gods HERE

VideoCabaret continues to be one of the best things about Toronto ever. Their journey through the Village of the Small Huts is a remarkable work. The newest edition - TRUDEAU and the FLQ is apparently selling out quickly down at Soulpepper. So get on that.

In the big and splashy - Luminato released the full line up. Excited to see Mammalian Diving Reflex, The Roots, Buffy St. Marie and the return of Jason Collett’s Basement Revue.

Further off the mainstream path - something for this Thursday. Amelia Ehrhardt has been running a series called Flowchart about which I’m curious – even if I’ve been unable to attend. Be better than me and check out the last edition (and see the Shaw Street school Artscape reno if you, also like me, haven’t.)

Also - the only thing harder than being an out of town company visiting a city for the first time or being an indie producer is being an indie producer visiting a city of the first time. I know nothing about Shadows - in town from Ottawa -except that it’s playing at Videofag, which shows some good taste. Maybe it’s the thing you’ve been waiting for.

In Small Wooden Shoe news:

  • I just recorded an episode of the SWS Podcast with Adrienne Wong and guest Rupal Shah talking Diversity in various forms. Catch up on old episode while spring cleaning and that episode will be up in a few days.
  • We’re in exciting prep for The Summer Spectacular at the Toronto Fringe Festival in July.