A letter from the 3penny

Writing a letter seems better right now than playing with animated gifs (but come on, this is pretty great).

We’ve been working and laughing–oh god is there a lot of laughing–on 3penny, which, like the art I love most, changes meaning all the time. This is a different event now than it was in April. Even when we don’t change the words, the meaning has changed. And it’s a blessing to be in the room with smart, talented superstars who can deal with all that and more, like sing songs that are dark and great and darker for their greatness.

The remarkable Simone Schmidt has added her lyrical wring to some of the songs, making it impossible to pretend those kinds of things “don’t happen here.”

On social media I’ve been saying, “a holiday musical for the weirdos and the discontents” which, while overly pithy, is also true. If there’s anything I believe in, in both theatre and annual rituals of gift giving, it is that being in the same room, sharing the same air with laughter, song and also serious shit is the fucking best. And if there’s a washboard doing percussion? Banjo, clarinet and trombone? And a piano player just nailing the songs (also look for all the easter eggs)? So lovely.

There are some of my favourite humans coming to join us singing, being lawyers and/or answering questions in the dark.

I mentioned the falling-on-the-floor funny?

We’re at the Burdock Music Hall which has the best sound in the city and also some of the best beer, made on site. They fill up later in the evening but would be good also for a preshow meal.

The performances are Tuesday and Wednesday 20 and 21 and Wednesday and Thursday 28 and 29.
It’s 15 bucks, less if you want to come with more friends. Buy Now.

ok, back to the animated gifs... I hear they're the future...
take care,