3penny Christmas in about 10 minutes - Minor Expletives Episode 02

For the past 4 years, we've gathered in the dark nights between Christmas and New Years to sing beautiful songs about a horrible world. A choir of friends, strangers and special guests who come together for a few day of rehearsal and a night with a 3penny door price.This a 10ish minute record of that. With some thoughts on the tricks of theatre.

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Full credits/singer list:

Choir Director - Scott Maynard
Piano - Jessie Fraser
Horns, High Hat - Justin Hiscox

Mack the Knife - Ronley Teper
Kids today - John Cox & Charlotte Mundy
Pirate Jenny - Thom Gill
Knocking Shop Tango - Erin Brubacher & David Christo
Solomon Song - Patrick Power
Jealousy Duet - Scott Maynard & Naomi Campbell
Macheath Is Saved - Messenger: Rebecca Singh, Mac: Scott Maynard

CHOIR - those above, plus: Alicia Homer, Aly Livingston, Carl Wilson, Christine Latimer, Erika Khandor, Javier Santos, Jessica Cattaneo, Kong Kie Njo, Leora Morris, Loree Lawrence, Marco Posadas, Vikki Anderson.

Thanks to the Monarch Tavern for having us, and to Dancemakers for the rehearsal space