tricking, teaching and getting it done

some thoughts, delayed, after the harolds[maybe the morning of the Dora announcement is as good as anytime] it's important to come together. it's important to trick your friends: congratulations Leora it's important to be reminded: thank you Caroline, Nadia and Chris and everyone.

It's important to remember that I've (we've?) made some choices. And those choices are consequent. If we stand behind them. there is such a thing as theatre people. and they are different from bureaucrats - even if we are turned by the structure, we have to resist that and we resist it by insisting on our choices, on the reasons.

I think of RAT and Erik Ehn - 12 years later baby needs shoes, but we don't have babies to support the baby shoe sector.

Change the hulks of the 80's. We betray the potential of the movement that founded them if we don't make it better.

We do it together. bond together and buy a building - open a school. teach people to pay the bills and spread the good word. Kids, individuals and group music instruction / recreational contemporary theatre & dance / Brecht for Seniors / [Nothing is ruled out, not everything goes]

start a pop-up movement. other spaces, lobby for it being legit, but don't wait. (Canada was occupied by settlers who moved at the pace of the train tracks, that is, the pace of government. We have to exceed that.)

the city can either change bylaws or just not enforce them. the front line workers probably know this. Cops have better things to do than bust pop-up theatres. [respect your neighbours: ignore the bylaws, but not civility]

AND it is a crime against the city that it is cheaper to leave a storefront empty than it is to have it occupied. My street has 4 empty store fronts and 5 theatre companies running out of their living rooms. WTF? You want to fix the disaster on St. Clair. Quadruple taxes on any space vacant for more than 3 months. [Not to mention Pages.] There are models.

We fight alienation - we make spaces where another kind of coming together can happen. but we don't *intrinsically* do it. It must be conscious.

who's in?