Tonight we read and sing

Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Playsand Sings Simple SongsTHE NUIT BLANCHE / KOERNER HALL EDITION

Very late tonight - September 29 (well, September 30th, technically) 1:30 AM - 4:00 AM (you're free to come and go - staying the full time or not)

Royal Conservatory of Music - Koerner Hall273 Bloor St. West (Bloor and Bedford) FREE

Normally we’re all secret and stuff, but this one is so exciting that we just can’t be: pictures from sound check.

In the sometimes chaos of Toronto’s all night art thing, Small Wooden Shoe and the Royal Conservatory are pleased to provide a respite of beauty and space.

Join us in the dark hours as we read Gertrude Stein and sing simple songs. Come and go, enter into Stein’s language, rich, challenging, funny and stunning: a landscape that we can visit and depart from.The room will be dark, letting your ears open as your eyes settle on the outlines of the architecture and music stand lights.

With special appearances from the 3penny Choir and many Small Wooden Shoe regulars.

Please join us.