Thanks for coming!

It’s been a week since we welcomed people to the Tranzac to see the prototype of Antigone Dead People. The presentation left us excited about the future of the project and with clear questions for the next stages. It was two nights of standing room only crowds and a Friday matinee that have me thinking we should always have Friday matinees. Thanks so much for coming. We were overwhelmed and delighted by the support.

[Click here] to see more galleries of photographs taken by Mark Loeser [email] and Erika Jacobs [site] - both of whom did a beautiful job (and would for you too, if you need such things - highly recommended.)

Also, I was serious about wanting to hear from those who came about your experience at the show. You can leave a comment here or email me if you're the private type. In theatre we rarely get to hear from the audience in a clear way, and while I’m not advocating art-by-focus group, I would love to start a back and forth.

Some questions that I would love to know about - What are questions do you have about the performance, story or night out? Are there images, moments or ideas that have stuck with you since? Did you connect any of ideas or images the in the play to your life or the world as it is? How did the venue effect your experience? [Click here] for some of the values Small Wooden Shoe works with – Do these connect to your experience of the show? Or you can ignore all that and say whatever you like.

I was also serious about needing your support to continue with the project and with accessible ticket prices - you can donate to the next stages of Antigone Dead People by [clicking here]. Or buy a lifetime subscription to Small Wooden Shoe by [clicking here].

Thanks very much.