A big list of things I did in 2012


  • Dancemakers development for The Adpatation Project
  • Antigone Dead People planning and plotting.
  • Upper Toronto planning and plotting.


  • JZ travels to the PuSh Festival to pitch Antigone Dead People and see some shows.
  • Upper Toronto at Parkdale Arts and Recreation Centre.
  • JZ attends EMERGENCE: A Symposium on Community Arts Practice
  • Boys who say no (with Frank Cox-O’Connell on drums) release their very good CD
  • Speak to Sky Gilbert’s grad students at University of Guelph on Realism


  • Recreational Play Acting 1 starts. Using Brecht’s Saint Joan of the Stockyards to teach non-actors some of the helpful things about acting.
  • JZ takes How to talk to people about things - Misha Glouberman’s very good negotiation class.
  • Wooster Group visit Toronto. Always a pleasure
  • JZ does some work as a dramaturgical advisor for the Looking Glass Collective in Hamilton.


  • JZ joins the Imagining Toronto Panel at the Kofler Centre to talk Upper Toronto
  • Evan Webber and Frank Cox-O’Connell perform Ajax and Little Illiad at Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage to much deserved praise.
  • JZ serves as dramaturge for Dancemakers’ The Adaptation Project
  • Launch Perhaps in a Hundred Years Indiegogo campaign.


  • Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs #1. A new series, curated by Leora Morris with some interference from me, we get together and read a difficult play and sing a simple song. Great evenings out at our secret location.
  • Upper Toronto Scenario Planning planning with Tim Maly and Peg Lahm
  • Perhaps in a Hundred Years at the OFFTA. Thanks to your support, Chad, Ame, Kilby and I perform at the OFFTA - adding a show by popular demand and meeting lots of wonderful people. Feels great to be back in Montreal.


  • Upper Toronto Scenario Planning. Teams are assembled and semi-random world events are predicted. Scenario’s are created.
  • JZ travels to Caravan Farm Theatre to assist Artistic Director Courtney Dobey direction Right Robert - a new play by Sean Dixon.
  • Minor Expletives - the blog gets more regular posts including a much read and talked about public application to Factory Theatre.


  • Enjoyed the Farm and working with a great team.
  • Prepared for Antigone Dead People
  • Took some early steps to learning guitar and story telling for Sedition
  • First set of inspiring get togethers to talk Public Recordings Performance Projects and how we can all work better.


  • Sedition or Kindness Makes Me Cry Like Nothing Else at Summerworks
  • Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs #2
  • planned for Antigone Dead People
  • welcomed Theareworks Productions to the Antigone Dead People team.


  • TIFF
  • started volunteering at AIDS Committee of Toronto as a Support Group Facilitator.
  • Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs #3 Koerner Hall and Nuit Blanche edition. Got to read, late at night, in a gorgeous hall with wonderful people.


  • Joined Dancemakers for a few days of Viewpoints to welcome new company.
  • Antigone Dead People at the Tranzac. Amazing group of collaborators, 3 great performances.


  • Research with Dancemakers on loveloss
  • Populism, Affect and Sedition - part talk, part performance at the University of Waterloo.


  • Second edition of Populism, Affect and Sedition - this time as part Dancemakers study group
  • Launched Minor Expletives - the Podcast - the beginning of making more things to listen to, read and watch. The first edition is audio from the populism talk.