The Public Amateur

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There is much in a post on that connects to the thinking of what Small Wooden Shoe is, does and aspires - especially as we set out to Halifax with Dedicated to the Revolutions.

I'm still processing and hope to write more clearly on this - but the public performance of curiosity as an artistic and political process has been a driving force in our work.

All of which is well addressed, but this was the quote that finally made me hit "press this" -

Proliferating sharper tools of outrage is not insignificant, but focusing on the failure of authority to produce a more livable world has not in itself produced a more livable world. In compensation, critique offers a sense of mastery. Attached to our skills, we find ourselves nourishing a detached metaknowledge that becomes its own circle of hell.

via Beyond Face « The Public Amateur.

Getting out of those circles of hell (along with the circles of impatience and laziness) is the necessity I feel these days.

More soon (the promise I mean to keep better)

h/t to Sara Hendren through Tim Maly