More kind words from the past

6 years ago when we first made Perhaps in a Hundred Years we certainly weren’t getting reviewed, so we asked some friends and friends of friends to write about the show. Which they kindly did. This one is from Darren O'Donnell - director of Mammalian Diving Reflex.

There are two kinds of performance: the kind that sucks and the good kind. Perhaps in a Hundred Years is the good kind... Perhaps in a Hundred Years creates a massive respectful space for contemplation while still managing to be as entertaining as a good make-out session. What more could you want? You’ll think, you’ll laugh, you’ll feel and you’ll drink a beer. It’s the kind of performance you experience with everybody in the room, leaving the impression that you’ve just hung out with a bunch of friends. At first you wonder if you have known these people all your life and then you are shocked to realize that you ARE these people. Perhaps in a Hundred Years gives the gift of the future.

- Darren O’Donnell