Making up the Dancing

As you may know, I've done something I've never done before. I choreographed a dance show.Invited by Dancemakers to share a bill with Nova Bhattacharya, I switched from dramaturge to choreographer. Very exciting (and a little terrifying.)

On Friday December 9th, please join us for a special night supporting not only this new work for Dancemakers, but also the continued work of Nova and I with our own companies.

See the show and then join us for a reception in the lounge with the artists of Dancemakers, Small Wooden Shoe  and Ipsita Nova Dance Projects (Nova's company.)

There will be good music on the stereo, some snacks and wine generously provided by Casa Lapostolle and a chance to celebrate.

Tickets are $40 (there's a small service charge as well) and half goes to support Small Wooden Shoe and the work we do.  We've got a lot going on* and your contribution would mean the world. And help pay some people for their amazing work.

Buy your ticket [here]

(If you can't come that night, you can donate directly to Small Wooden Shoe [here] And the show runs to December 18 so please come another night!)

Here's a video from rehearsals:

and some thoughts from Jacob about the show: "There's only so much I can say about the seventies or the late sixties, even though they shaped me. I was very young or not born at all. But the images and music are the ones I grew up with. The images of a certain kind of rebellion, the sound of a certain kind of voice, the images and sounds of a journey from innocence to cynicism to... whatever comes after all of that has played out.

I decided to take up some of those images and sounds with Story Dance Radio at Dancemakers. A chance to work in a different art form seemed like it might be the right time. To work with an amazing company who have a capacity for image making in a form so tied in common perception to music. To tell a simple story of starting out, of passion, of being spent, of asking "what now?"

*(For example) - We just completed a workshop on Evan Webber's *Antigone* - watch a video about the project [here] - *Upper Toronto* is picking up steam. - read about in the Varsity [here] - sign up for Upper Toronto specific emails here. - The *3penny Chistmas Choir* returns December 29th at Buddies. - Leora Morris received an LMDA Dramaturgy driven grant] to work on "Small Wooden Shoe Reads Difficult Plays and Sings Simple Songs" - There's a Nuit Blanche 2012 project in the works. .phew.