3 other things that open tonight

SummerWorks opens tonight in TorontoAnd instead of just trying to get you to see Perhaps in a Hundred Years -I thought I’d tell you about three other shows I’m excited about that aren’t getting all the attention: (though props to our friends at Praxis and everyone else for the attention.)

  1. Express Yourself. We’re sharing Hub 14 with this great show from Events in Real Time. Liz Peterson is a star (or should be if the world was a fair place) and with Sean O’Neill she’s made a wonderfully personal and over-the-top show. Like us, there’s limited seating, so you should come early in the run and buy tickets in advance to make sure you see it. If you liked big musicals as kid (as I did) there’s a special treat for you.
  2. The Physical Ramifications of Attempted Global Domination. I never miss a show by Birdtown and Swanville. Or at least I deeply regret not getting my ticket early enough when I miss a show by Birdtown and Swanville because they sold out and I was an idiot. Don’t be an idiot. Funny and theatrical and so smart. Just what a person wants.
  3. Kaspar and the Sea of Houses. In Summerworks 2009 I saw Birgit Schreyer Duartes’ translation and direction of The Piano Tuner with Miranda Calderon. It was an under-celebrated production in the festival that year - striking translation and a performance that drew me in. I asked Birgit to do the translation of Life of Galileo and Miranda to act in it. I have high hopes for their collaboration (also with other people I assume are talented) this year.
  4. Ok I said three, but this is a one night only thing (tonight in fact.) Nobu Adilman organizes a wonderful choir named Choir!Choir!Choir! - they sing tonight at the opening party (Facebook event) at MoCCA. Here’s a video:

See you around the festival. Jacob

p.s. we really are looking forward to sharing Perhaps in a Hundred Years with you.