The back and forth of doing and watching

On the lazy day after a great night at the Christmas Concert - great singing, great response from a lovely and generous audience... I think about this:

A survey ... found that of 74% of adults who said they were interested in classical music had played an instrument or sung in chorus at some point in their lives. ... being part of the action at a classical music concert is about a thousand times more awesome than merely taking it in. via Listening vs. doing | Createquity..

My day after thoughts include:

The choir last night was a great mix of people who work as performers, of people who work in the arts, but not as performers and people who don't work in the arts at all, who all thought it'd be fun to do.

And the people who came felt like a reflection of that. friends Kurt Weill fans a lot of parents and fellow artists (a few of whom brought their parents) Many of whom sang along (we project the lyrics)

Most people who signed the email list want to hear about singing next year. (a terribly skewed survey, but still)

And I think we all had a good time. And that mix seems important.

We need a way for people (who don't aspire to do it professionally) to DO contemporary/meaingful/not boring theatre and dance.

It's always important to move between the doing and the watching.

It feels to me, oddly, that theatre, from the avant-garde to large not-for-profit, (Including most of what I do) is so often disconnected from this

In the endless parades of the things that "kill" art forms This seems like a bad one.

And one concert a year isn't enough (though it's pretty fun)

What then? A pick up game A recreational class A once a month show

Does anyone know of success stories?