11 Conversation Starters – the series.

Four years ago (time passes) I wrote 11 Conversation Starters for Small Wooden Shoe

(you can watch the 11 develop here)

They’ve held up well.

While I fear running the risk of ruining the aphorisms, like the comic explaining his jokes, I am going to start a tag thread for the series. To write a little more about each one, giving credit for where they come from and opening a space for them to work the way they were supposed to: as conversation starters.

A recap of the 11 after the break -

11 conversation starters for Small Wooden Shoe 1_There is no such thing as a clean start. Start from the mess and move towards something. Something that might be called truth.

2_Nothing is ruled out. Nothing ruled in. Not everything goes.

3_Waking up is evidence of hope. Artwork even more so.

4_It’s worth thinking about.

5_There is good and bad fun. Good fun is essential.

6_When doing something strange, it is best to be relaxed.

7_Lying is another word for imagination.?The pursuit of the truth does not exclude lying, it requires it.

8_Not being able to do something is no excuse not to. How else will we learn?

9_The separation of emotion, body and intellect is destroying the world.

10_Have something to say. It’s possible to change your mind later.

11_What ever we do here tonight, we do it on purpose.

Written by Jacob Zimmer. 04/07/06 (with thanks to Ame Henderson, Chad Dembski, Jacob Wren)