2009 World Theatre Day Message – Boal

Late in the game, but this part of Boal's text is especially interesting to me at the moment.

One of the main functions of our art is to make people sensitive to the “spectacles” of daily life in which the actors are their own spectators, performances in which the stage and the stalls coincide. We are all artists. By doing theatre, we learn to see what is obvious but what we usually can’t see because we are only used to looking at it. What is familiar to us becomes unseen: doing theatre throws light on the stage of daily life.

I usually ignore World Theatre Day. The daily practice and my general feelings about self-congratulatory new holidays usually keep me away and a little cynical.

This year we have our final dress rehearsal that day. Should we do something? Do these gesture have meaning? What meaning, that I can support, could I give it? What meaning do you give it?

We are all actors: being a citizen is not living in society, it is changing it.

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