Ditte Maria Bjerg via Jacob Wren

- How do I become a citizen again and not remain a consumer?- Is theatre able to approach such subjects? Of course Where else can you address them? It’s worth a shot Theatre must be a free public space of dialogue and generosity welcoming genuine encounters between people – a place liberated from the chains of work and private life

I impose that Camp X in the period 01.07.07 – 30.06.09 must:

• be a spy, a police officer and an archaeologist and NOT a performance factory

• steal from the wicked and give power to the audience

• breakdown the imprisoning heterogeneous girl-meets-boy concepts

• sail the seven seas with Mærsk to discover its secrets

• create theatre that double espresso businessmen will note up in their BlackBerries

• lie to discover truth

• cultivate the hunger for knowledge and collaborate with experts

• interfere in the rapidly diminishing public space

• sing as much as possible

via A Radical Cut In The Texture Of Reality.: The Agenda of Curator Ditte Maria Bjerg. Original link: http://www.campx.dk/Dagsorden.aspx